List Your Cannabis Domains Here.

 Are you looking to move some product? Get more eyes on the domain names you've registered by listing them on our site! We offer two different types of listings that are sure to fit any budget. Learn more about each type of listing below!

Standard Listing ($10/yr)

The Standard Listing is designed for added exposure to your domain listing. Your domain name will appear on the domain listings page as well as on its own unique landing page. This landing page can feature a description of your choice, your asking price, as well as a custom form dedicated to your domain. This, paired with other domain listing best-practices, could be just what you need to make a sale. If your domain sells, we'll take 5% commission on sales over $500. Contact us today about your standard domain listing by clicking the link below.

Featured Listing ($50/yr)

With a featured listing, we'll not only add your domain name to the listing pages, and build the custom landing page found in the standard listing, but we'll also add it to our Featured Domains page. This guarantees extra visibility and the highest level of exposure within the site. If your domain name sells, we'll take the same 5% commission on sales over $500 that's offered standard listing. Contact us today about listing your domains in a featured listing by clicking the link below.

Domain Listing Best-Practices

Congrats on listing your domains with Vermont Cannabis Domains! This is the first step of finding a buyer and making a sale. Listing your domain name on our website doesn’t guarantee a sale, but you can do these things to help improve your chances.

Invest in exposure.

Take a look at what your selling price might be, then ask yourself how much of that will be spent on renewal fees? What if it takes 3-5 years to sell? If you’re serious about making a sale in the short term, you have to invest in exposure. Consider the standard listing for domains that you’re having trouble getting eyeballs on. With the standard listing, you’ll have the added benefit of custom landing page. This page not only is more visible within our site, but it will show up for relevant searches on search engine results pages.

Re-direct your domain to your custom landing page.

For your Standard and Premium domain listings, be sure to re-direct your domain names to your custom landing page. This simple act helps all direct traffic make it to a place where they can submit a lead or make an offer on your domain name. Another benefit is that we can share traffic analytics that will help you make decisions on whether or not to renew your domain. Follow the how-to documentation with your domain provider to re-direct your domain name. You can also contact us if you’re having difficulty figuring it out.

Do your research.

This should happen from the very instant you start the hunt for your domain name. What makes this domain valuable? Who might this domain name appeal to? Ask yourself these questions before your purchase so you know exactly who to target as potential prospects.

Reach out!

This part is really important. Very rarely will buyers or investors approach YOU. If you have an idea about who might be the perfect new owners of your domain, reach out to them! They might not know how much they could benefit from owning your domain name. This process can be tough at first, but remember to stay vigilant. Your domain name wont sell itself!

Be Flexible.

In most cases, businesses in need of a domain name are start-ups. With this in mind, remember they may have a limited budget to dedicate to their website. Pricing your domain too high may make it seem out of reach and cause them to look for other alternatives. Let your potential customers know that you’re willing to negotiate and encourage them to make a reasonable offer. This helps lay the groundwork for a constructive conversation about price.

These things can help you be successful in finding a buyer for your domain name, but they don’t guarantee it. If you struggle with finding a buyer for an extended amount of time, it may be worth investing in exposure, or abandoning it altogether. If you have questions or could use a little guidance on how to best sell your domain, contact us for help.